Dawnray Make your Cricket Brand

Adidas Pellara:

·         The Adidas adult Pellara Top Grade  Willow Cricket Bat is made for the cricketing elite, with 'Pellara' meaning "beat, banish and push beyond" The Pellara Cricket Bat uses a new ridge file that allows a far bigger middle but keeps bat balanced and helps with balancing the pick up.

·         The Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat is endorsed by Kevin Pietersen and features Adidas-specific contours, or 'scoops', reducing weight and enhancing a superb pickup. Adidas have reduced the weight in low impact areas, thus allowing a hand crafted contour perfectly suited to the  wickets.

·         The Adidas Pellara  Cricket Bat couples a powerful, modern design with a weight reducing profile. The Pellara is the perfect bat for front foot attacking player. The Adidas Pellara  Cricket Bat boasts a unique design that is perfect for the player who likes to get forward.

·         The Pellara Cricket Bat has been excellently finished with the use of an oval Nine/Tweleve cane handle.

·         It carries high Ping and pickup feeling.

·         Available in HS/LH from 2.7 LBS to 2.13 LBS



Nike Drive:

Willow Grade : Top English Willow

Weights : 2′ 8 – 2′ 12oz in SH/LH

Handle   : 9 pcs/ 12 Pcs

Weight Guide : Light 2′ 8 – 2′ 9 / Med 2′ 10 – 2’ 11 / Heavy 2’ 12 – 2’ 14

Pre Prepared : Semi Knocked

This awesome bat features big edges and an extended bow, delivering an amazingly light pick up and huge swet spot – producing tremendous “ping”..

GM Icon F7:

Carry Super Concave light weight bat with Top Grade English Willow, Toe with High swell position which provides maximum precision and guidance when playing a shot.Its greater comfort and control provides better position for professional batting drives and shots.

·         Iconic Design

·         High Swell Position

·         Concaved profile

·         Light Weight Design

·         Traditional face profile

·         Flowing Power Edges

·         Edges from 30mm – 38mm

·         Long Spine

GM Organ F2:

1.Flatter Face Profile / Semi Bow
2. Low Swell Position with Extended Sweet Spot
3. Slightly Concaved Back Profile
4. Made by Top Grade English Willow

5. Available in SH/LH

6. 9 Pcs / 12 Pcs Cane handle

7. Weight Range from 2.7 lbs to 2.12 lbs

Puma Platinum:

·         The new PLATINUM EDITION 4000/5000/6000 bats are sculptured from the finest Grade 1 English Willow clefts

·         Platinum Edition is the quality expected by First Class cricketers

·         Thick edges, an extended sweet spot, a slight bow and an oval handle for comfort and control

·         Available in Light/Medium/Heavy weighs


SS Gladiator:

·         Top best Grade Cricket Bat, Big Buldge, Max Power, Light Pickup

·         SS Gladiator Players series cricket bat

·         Mens Size

·         Hand Crafted Naturally air dried Premium Grade 1++ english willow ( Nurtured in UK )

·         Straight Grains available 9 to 12.

·         Lightweight design. Contoured edges.

·         12 Piece Can Handle ( imported ) for amazing, flex, feel & control

·         Weights Available 2lb 8oz to 3lb ( Please Select yours from above drop down menu )

Light Weight - 2lb 8oz to 2lb 9oz

Medium Weight - 2lb 10oz to 2lb 12oz

Heavy Weight - 2lb 13oz to 2lb 14oz

Extra Heavy - 2lb 15oz to 3lb+

GrayNicolls Kaboom:

·         Handle 9/12 Pieces cane handle for great feel and touch. The choice of professionals.

·         Handle Shape: Semi Oval/regular bottom hand for extreme comfort.

·         Profile Made to David Warner's own specification with maximum profile created by subtle concaving.

·         Edge Imposing edge profile that won't be compromised by our bat makers.

·         Grip New double-texture Zone Grip for excellent control of the blade.

·         Medium weight bat with long sweetspot profile

·         Designed for big hitting

·         Available from 2.8 lbs to 2.12 lbs

·         Top Grade English Willow


Graynicolls PowerBow:

  • Hand Selected Top Grade English Willow
  • Natural Blade finish.
  • A long exaggerated bow enhanced by an imposing low blade profile, the perfect combination for any player looking for power. Beautifully balanced, the Powerbow  will be the bench mark for bat making for years to come.
  • Profile: It has been created to ensure perfect balance with maximum hitting zone from every cleft of willow. Concave sculpting to give a professional pick up and balance.
  • Handle: Semi Oval handle for comfort and complete control.
  • Bow: Long blade bow.
  • Sweet Spot Zone: Low blade sweet spot, ideally suited to the front foot player.
  • Edge: Imposing edge profile that isn't compromised.
  • Grip: New Zone Pro improves feel and touch through the shot.
  • Weight: 2.8 - 2.12


Kookabura Player’s Edition:

The Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Players Limited Edition cricket bat features Test Match quality unbleached English Willow. The iconic Kahuna has been the superhead article of the Kookaburra range for the last 11 years. It's powerful profile, big edges and renowned graphics make it ideal for the stroke maker who likes to take control and lead by example.

SWEET SPOT Mid Blade (approx 225mm) 
EDGE PROFILE Big Edge Square (37 - 41mm) 
FACE PROFILE Flat Power Plus Face
SPINE PROFILE Super Spine (up to 64mm)
SCALLOP Slight Concave (4 - 5mm)
BOW Mid / Low Blade (10 - 12mm)
HANDLE Round 12 Piece
GRIP Xtreme Trio Grip
WEIGHT 2lbs 7oz - 2lbs 10oz