Dawnray Returns & warranty

Warranty & Returns:


·         Any bat(s) returned are assessed very carefully by CX - the way in which we manufacture means that the same craftsmen who make the bats also assess and repair them. This ensures that assessments are made by people who truly understand the product and that any repair work is of the highest quality. We aim to continue the quality of original manufacture through to the bat’s warranty and ongoing support throughout the bat’s life. Due to the bat’s natural raw materials and the nature of the modern game, we evaluate each bat carefully and individually taking into account: -

·           the age of the bat

·          - its condition –

·         how it has been prepared

·          how it has been maintained

·         the nature of the damage

·         All of these factors determine whether repair work is chargeable or not. As a general rule, damage due to normal wear and tear during the first 12 months will be free of charge, excluding non essential cosmetic work such as refurbishment. Where a bat has sustained extreme damage inflicted by the player, and there is no material flaw in the bat or the timber, repair work may be chargeable. When a bat is beyond repair it may be replaced either fully or partially, depending on the age and the usage. We reserve the right to charge for replacements within the first 12 months when the bat has been poorly treated by the owner, or left until beyond repair instead of seeking timely advice and repair. In accordance with the laws of the game, CX bats are made from wood (cricket bat willow) which is a natural raw material. It is therefore essential that bats are prepared and maintained in accordance with our recommendations and that any damage is addressed immediately. The bats are very labour intensive and very rarely fail due to manufacturing flaws.


·         More often damage is accidental - due to wear and tear, tapping at the wicket, poor quality (hard) cricket balls, artificial surfaces, failure to prepare and/or maintain bats properly, high usage or just sheer bad luck. The bats are pressed to ensure excellent performance, but not to withstand any punishment and all cricket bat willow will show wear and tear in use. 'Tapping' is a term which covers repeated tapping of the bat's toe at the wicket when taking guard. This causes the fibres to be compressed by the constant impact on the wicket until they pop out, causing horizontal cracks. Tapping like this with any bat will cause the same damage and needs to be avoided by stopping completely, or at least tapping against shoes/boots to stop pressure on the toe. Once a toe has been damaged in this way, it should be repaired immediately as once these fibres have opened at the toe, the bat can draw up moisture and eventually will delaminate. We manufacture the bats very carefully to provide the highest levels of performance and durability, but we are dependent on you the owner and player to continue our work by preparing, protecting and maintaining the bat within the confines of the modern game. With best wishes,